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According to Wilson Times Newspaper publication September 9, 2016, the New Superintendent looking for ways to improve grading on a 15-point scale.  A being your highest grade and F the lowest. The schools located in the predominantly low- income area scored the lowest score with D to F indicating growth not being met.  This is extremely alarming more than half of Wilson County Public Schools are considered low-performing district. Meanwhile Vick Elementary performance score improved from 28-32 within the last year. Darden Middle School dropped from 42-32 within the last year. Addition, NC Public school’s website reports Wilson County dropout out rates for 2012-13 school year was 94 (1.65%) with an increase in 2013-14 school year of 127 (2.19%). While the Superintendent has the challenge of finding ways of bridging the gap of academic performance  in the school system.  

Our question is: What can we do at home and in the community to intervene with not furthering the decline of our children academic performance?  
CreativeMindz Book Lounge goal is to encourage more reading and create success through sustainability with a continued incline in performance and academics amongst our students. The objective to encourage reading through using culture they comprehend and can relate too. We think that would spark an interest and encourage reading at home and in the community. Remember reading the link too literary. An open book stimulates open minds.
Our unique bookstore offering stoytelling, workshops relating to literacy, free E reads, book clubs, entertainment and opportunities for all ages.  Also encouraging academic growth with recognizing High School Seniors who has the passion in writing and strived for excellence throughout their school year.  

CreativeMindz Book Lounge value courtesy, integrity and outstanding service to our Authors/Publishers, Customers and Our Community.